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We recognise that many of the strategies, much of the thinking about bullying is either not working. or is just not right!

 As an employer you have the intrinsic responsibility to ensure your team are led effectively, with respect and appropriate guidance. This is for them, for you the organisation, and for your clients. Culture breeds productivity, breeds profitable situations.

It is unfortunately common that some individuals will develop behaviour that translates into the inappropriate. Not bad people, just people behaving badly. Again, it is too prevalent that organisations do not effectively address these situations.

​It is our belief that too often the organisation actually bullies the so called bully! 

That is the wrong focus, the illegal focus, the focus that surely will leave those around that person in no better situation, potentially worse.

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A recent client observed:

Rex has a rare ability to extract information and the real thoughts/feelings of the group and somehow unite individual thinking to team driven visions and goals. 
Be assured that if you are looking for change in your business or life, Rex has the ability to provide you with the tools to unlock the barriers that are holding you back. 

He offers real solutions to real problems.  Rex came into our business at a critical time in our industry where change was being forced upon us due to external factors.  Rex’s ability to assist us through this period was a pivotal point in our current success in what is an extremely tight market.  

Our time with Rex was not only educational but also thoroughly enjoyable.  Rex has a great inspiring personality and enthusiasm for what he does