Our offering - treat these as thought starters - what's right for you and your team

Off site consult

Sometimes it is good just to have some confidential time to talk about the challenges you might have in addressing certain situations. "One plus a number should always equal greater than the sum of the number"! So, if you are not getting advice 'in-house' that is leading you forward, lets talk face to face and confidentially

It starts with you

Everyone in an organisation plays a pivotal role. Everyone  may not receive the same attention, but, 'the weakest link brings down the culture, the potential to fulfil the promise'. Everyone brings about the exponential ability of a business, or doesn't! We can help build your business by eradicating bullying behaviours how ever passive they may seem. 

Career coaching
Don't lose your best people because the organisational behaviours / policies do not support equal value. All organisations can benefit from positive cultural interventions that help all individuals behave with integrity.

Lead team conversation

Bring the 'lead-team' together and talk about the situation you may be having.This is the team that to date has tried but the situation is still occurring. The solution can be hidden from by current thinking, being positively focused and with an experienced 'external ear' a solution will become apparent. Our Vision is to become redundant to the need and so our attention is on transferring skills.

One on one coaching

It may be that a particular team member, at any level in the organisation is not dealing with their challenges in the best most effective way. To date, interventions haven't brought the best result and another head would be useful. We work with the organisation to propose a way forward, we talk and adjust as needed and then work to achieve the agreed result. It is these situations left unchecked that leave to unsatisfactory, illegal behaviours.