Are you bullying yourself?

If we are negative: - It can be that because of all sorts of reasons, we start negatively talking to ourselves. We mix with people (our decision really) who are negative. They support and have sympathy with our negative conclusions! So, there isn't anything to hold us up! Positive people avoid us because we bring them down, always moaning and groaning!

That's not to say we do not have genuine grievances BUT, moaning and growing isn't going to help. Energy and positive people are possible BUT, we have to make our first steps.

Focus on things within our control - our weight, just start to drop it back, don't go for 10 kg, go for 1Kg! Then maybe another one?

- our appearance, make sure what ever clothes there are, they are clean and pressed! That they do our figure justice - not a figure we wish we had!

- dare to ask new people into our lives - know it is OK to stop seeing people who drag us down!

Learn new sentences - avoid just saying the same thing over and over - establish new patterns with people you care for -

Learn new responses - avoid the habit language response - think about your partner, people close to you - couldn't you pretty much guess what they will say, how they will response?

Feel free to make a call to me if you want to chat, or just chat here? What ever you do, make the decision not to keep up the sad sack behaviour. Think about how lucky you are - even people right down are luckier than others.

Feel free to make a call to me if you want to chat, or just chat here? 0407827173 - Rex - no obligation, no fee

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