You and the answer to being bullied!Interpersonal communication is where bullying starts.

Interpersonal communication is where bullying starts.

Controversially I contend, it takes two to create a bullying situation; both the so called bully and the so called victim.

Even more controversially I believe the victim is as much the bully, as the ‘bully’!

Ok, that might have lit some fires BUT if you are currently being bullied you can either accept it forever or, do something about, yes it is possible. Don’t what ever you do quit your job over it before you look to take control of your life. In my book DeveopThroughLeadershipThinking there are enough strategies entwined to let you achieve peace. If you can’t find the way, you get one hour of time with me, we can get there together, quickly.

What ever you do, don’t involve your manage or definitely not HR!!!!

Your call - anxiety for ever or peace.

Money back guarantee on the book if your life doesn’t get better - of course you have to follow the recipe!

Take control now, stop listening to the good people around you saying it’s impossible! You think it is, it will be!

To make contact with me, [email protected] or ph: 0407827173

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