My Hypothesis is that many of the complaints from employees stem from the effects of the anti-social behaviour
people are subjected to at all levels within employment.


That we have very poor coping skills and tend to pass on the behaviour we get – certainly pass back.


That many of the currently available techniques focus on the effect rather than the cause of the poor behaviour


That far too much time is taken focusing on the ‘right and wrong’, ‘fault and blame’ of situations and that in turn further exacerbates the problem – entrenches the inappropriate behaviour


That too much time is taken on the introspective thus allowing behaviour to continue, in consequence authorising that behaviour and desensitising the environment to the potential of remedy


That ineffectual counseling leads to confusion in all parties – the counselor believing the message has got across, the counselee being uncertain of what the message was – worse still neither party having a clear (or any) view of the actions and timeframes now in place


That consequence to continuance are rarely clear, even identified In the majority of cases, inappropriate behaviour continues on and on. Those associated with the situation most often either excusing the behaviour with “they have always been like that’, ‘we have tried everything’, ‘just ask anyone who has been here for a while, it has always been the same’, ‘the job they do is pivotal and so we just have to work with it’ …..


Under ‘duty of care’, ‘safe work place’ and just the need ensure that the people of the organisation are growing, that there is integrity to the policies and that people are not being allowed to depreciate it is incumbent on an enterprise to disallow behaviour that depreciates others.


This is to say nothing of the commercial realisations of allowing this behaviour to remain part of environment. It is timely to rethink the impact that ineffective interpersonal behaviour has on all aspects of the business and to face up to fixing it. This is not a ‘lets have a go – don’t spend time or resource on it as I don’t really think it will change’ kind of subject. ‘Where there is commitment, providence moves…’


It is time and timely that a new approach be adopted that clearly tackles the inputs and outcomes to this type of behaviour from a non emotional personal position rather than the judgmental and somewhat self defeating (self-serving) one of the past.

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